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Death Raliway Historical Tour :: Code HT

One Day Tour::Bangkok to Tiger Temple... Opens at 1.00 pm closes 5.00pm : Code HT

PRICE For all Private Tours Includes ::
Driver, Van, Guide and lunch. Gate fee paid Tiger Temple and Floating Mrkt, Vehicle is a Modern High Top Van with A/CTelevision Surroundsound / Payment credit card via internet or bank transfer. (Private Tour can Design your own Tour)
OTHER options extra ::
Limosine Service: Toyota Camry New 2008 or VIP Van add 1000 Baht per Day
Package Rate
Amount 2 Persons 3 to 4 persons 5 to 6 persons 7 to 8 persons 9 to 10 Persons
Price 3,850 Baht each 2,850 Baht each 2,450 Baht each

2,050 Baht each

1,850 Baht each

Tour Itinerary::
8:00 Leave Bangkok for Kanchanaburi.
11:30 Kanchanaburi visit to Bridge over the river kwai and war cemetery of allied prisoners .
11:00 Take the Train over the death railway to Nam Tok
01.00 Lunch at Nam Tok Raiway station or Weary Dunlop Museum

Sai Yok Waterfall, Here a Japanese train lies in the jungle on a short piece of railway line.

02.00 Hellfire Pass: memorial and a cutting Mountain for a railway track which was done by hands of the Allied prisoners.
03:45 Wang Po, Kaset Cave used as hospital for POW's , Trestle Bridge part of the Death Railway Time allowing all: Elelphant Camp ride elephants, Feed Wild Monkeys, River Rafting,
05:00 Leave Kanchanaburi Province for Bangkok.
Do not wear red color clothes no loud noises or sudden movements or running.
Photo story :: TOUR HT    
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